Accounts Receivable Factoring (also known as Accounts Receivable Financing) is the process of assigning your current accounts receivables at a discount to a factoring company, providing a source of quick cash to your business.

It’s a very simple transaction in which you trade an invoice from your receivables for actual cash. Accounts Receivable Factoring does not generate any debt as the factoring process does not generate a loan. Instead, it is a cash flow tool for your company to meet its current and future payment obligations in a timely and secure manner.


Benefits of Accounts Receivable Factoring:

  • Allows companies to extend longer payment terms to customers in industries with payment terms longer than usual.
  • Frees up working capital especially when it’s tied up in inventory.
  • Provides a quick form of financing in which tax statements or other financial documents are not often required.
  • Provides flexibility and can be applied to one customer, a small group of customers, or all customers.
  • Can be applied to international as well as domestic customers.


How do you know if your company needs its Accounts Receivables factored:

  • Your company is always having cash flow problems because you need to meet payroll and other expenses on a weekly or monthly basis, but also need to extend payment terms to your customers for over 30, 60, and even 90 days.
  • Your present bank is restricting its line of working capital to your company and you just don’t know where to obtain additional funds.
  • You are trailing the competition because you refuse to offer extended terms to customers in certain locations or industries.
  • You see your company growing at a much faster rate if the gaps in your cash flow could be finally overcome.
  • Customer relationships are sometimes uncomfortable because your customer keeps insisting on you extending the payment terms but you just keep hesitating.
  • Your balance sheet reflects a slower than usual accounts receivable turnover.


If any of the above situations describes your company, you need Accounts Receivables Factoring.


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