Every company that does business on a credit basis, in which the amount of credit being extended is relatively high, should investigate a customer’s creditworthiness through credit reports.

Although there are several domestic and international credit reporting companies that can provide all kinds of credit information, Stellar Risk Management Services, only represents credit reporting agencies that issue credit reports in which financial, legal, and other information has been verified. A verified credit report will have immense value in making sound credit decisions.

Benefits of verified credit reports:

  • Confirms information and data that were provided on the customer application.
  • Encourages credit opportunities whether with new or existing customers.
  • Identifies red flags within the financial data, especially items concerning slow or non-payment.
  • Identifies known fraud records from a variety of industries.
  • Includes commercial scores to help make fast and reliable credit decisions
  • Helps to manage your commercial accounts receivable portfolio’s overall risk


Stellar Risk Management Services is an independent agent for several credit reporting companies worldwide. Please contacting us through our online inquiry form or by phone to discuss your credit information needs.