Stellar Risk Management Services, Inc. is the leading company to understand the common thread between various products, solutions, and systems from the credit risk, insurance and financial fields that will greatly strengthen every company’s credit risk management system.

Our Mission

To be the ultimate credit risk management source specialist that will develop, strengthen, and cost effectively maximize the Credit Risk Management System of every company through the introduction, implementation, and maintenance of applicable resources and products.

The Stellar Difference

  • Our team is comprised of insurance, credit risk, and collection specialists who have the knowledge and expertise to help you understand the kinds of credit risk management products and solutions available and how they can help you.
  • As an independent brokerage, we are looking out for your best interest. We are not selling one vendor’s product or service. Conversely, we source the most appropriate products and services that meet your needs and goals within a cost effective framework.
  • We view your company in the long term. Your company today may be a totally different company tomorrow. As such, we understand that your credit risk management solutions at present must evolve to meet the ongoing needs of your company in the future.
  • Our approach to every customer is to be creative, innovative, and progressive – taking advantage of the newest developments in the credit risk management field.
  • With old fashioned work ethics, we strive to be your number one credit risk management outsourcing partner.